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WWE Champions

Match-3/RPG style chart-topping mobile game
Interfaces built in the Unity3D game engine by Chris Weeks as well as additional art asset creation, animation, and UX design
Created as an employee of Kung Fu Factory

Where's Doug LaMalfa?

Mobile app created as part of election campaign for Heidi Hall, 1st district CA
Created as an employee of Realtime Associates, Inc.

The Furdmont Chronicles: Main Street Mayhem

Educational game that teaches children and adults alike about how to manage diabetes
Designed for mobile and authored in Flash
Created as an employee of Realtime Associates, Inc.

Turn Based Strategy Game for PC

Proof of concept demo displaying a unique user-adaptive control scheme. Some features include:

Music Performance Game for XBox360 and Playstation 3

Visual design and prototype for game interface designed to be controlled with a Guitar Hero(c) controller
Created using Flash AS2 and integrated with Scaleform Lightspeed
Though the project was ultimately cancelled, this prototype was successfully deployed on both target consoles.
Created as an employee of Realtime Associates, Inc.

To play the interactive demo, please use a Flash enabled device.

Controls: (note that due to the unusual mappings between the Guitar Hero controller and the PC keyboard, the browser version of this interface uses counter-intuitive key presses)
Up/Down Arrow: next/previous item in rotating menu. In guitar mode triggers strum bar.
Right Arrow: toggles menu/guitar mode.
Left Arrow: in guitar mode, cycles through play modes.
Enter: trigger green guitar button/"x" controller button.
Backspace: trigger red guitar button/"circle" controller button.
D: release green guitar button.
E: release red guitar button.
A: trigger yellow guitar button/"square" controller button.
F: release yellow guitar button.
B: trigger blue guitar button/"triangle" controller button.
G: release blue guitar button.
C: trigger orange guitar button/"L1" controller button.
H: release orange guitar button.
0-9 (not on numpad): wammy bar position

Chris Weeks 3D Portfolio Site

This website that you are viewing right now was designed too!

Browser Based Children's Multiplayer Game

Whistlers World is a browser based multiplayer game for younger children.
Entire product realized in Flash using the OpenSpace game engine
UI elements designed and implemented in Flash AS3 by Chris Weeks for integration by engineering team
Created as an employee of Realtime Associates, Inc.

Cool School: Where Peace Rules!

Web based game that teaches conflict resolution to grade school children
Authored in Flash
Created as an employee of Realtime Associates, Inc.

Stan Breckendridge Retrospective Flash App

Multi-platform app authored in Flash for musician and educator Stan Breckenridge
Includes interactable informational content including music playback and outward facing commerce links